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Personal exhibition at the Château de St Jean Beauregard, during the Heritage Days on September 18,19, 2021.

The Château de St Jean Beauregard and the Heritage Days are an exceptional setting for bringing my works into dialogue with History, Architecture and Nature. My pieces were thus exhibited in evocative places of the castle, in this desire to question the specificity of the place and to penetrate into a poetic universe; questioning extended by the use of materials produced locally or directly taken from the park: wood, plants, flowers.

For this, my creations are shaped in symbiosis with the places in which they are exhibited and weave links with the dovecote, the vegetable garden and the surrounding curves constantly renewed with the landscapes. I use recycled and/or locally sourced materials and I try to achieve a neutral carbon footprint.

Also, during these days, I organized an initiation to cuttings workshop accessible to all; visitors were able to take a cutting in order to fully understand the technique and be able to do it again later.

According to the visitor's choice, they left with their cutting to see it grow.

Or they have been transplanted into the forest of the Château to contribute to the renewal of the forest.


The results of this great premiere were very positive, the sculptures were in harmony with the place to the point that they could have remained there. The cuttings workshop was also a great success with adults and children alike.


In the future, continue to keep what has always been close to my heart: being in symbiosis with Plants, Art and Heritage! Exhibit in Unexpected Places!

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